Thursday, July 30, 2009

1/43 Cararama Volkswagen Golf GTI

Here's another of the RM5 Tesco Cararama series. This is the final one from my haul at Tesco. Can't find these any more. As usual (for now), the details are superb for a car at this price.Side profile. Simple looking. Love those rims.
Still have the even-more-lovely brake callipers. Mirrors are not oversized here.
Simple back here.
Very detailed front end. Even the GTI wording is there. Not the umber plate, but on the grille.
Rear end. Brake lights a bit pinkish, but it's not much of a big deal.
Interior is the usual high standard.
Sorry for the rather dark pictures, as my cam seemed to have some problems. Anyway, from the first pic, you can see that the GTI seems to have the R8's LED light like effects. Nice.
I would buy a few more of these little cars if they were still around. At this price and with such details, it is really a steal.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

1/43 Cararama Alfa Romeo Brera

Here's another 1/43 Cararama I got from Tesco for a mere RM5. Let's see how good does it stack up against the C30.
The side profile. Very beautiful, although the side mirror does seem a bit big. maybe it's just me.
Would you just have a look at the rims? It is really detailed. Even the Alfa badge is nice and clear. Well done !
The front of the car is also spectacular. Each of the headlight is individual. And look at the grille. The Alfa badge is still present, and still as beautiful as ever.

The rear end is also just as nice. Can you spot the minuscule bee-sting antenna?
Have a peek at the radio inside the interior.
Overall, I am really pleased with this Brera. It looks good, has detailing that belongs to much more expensive models and the price is just insane. I give this a 8.9/10.

1/43 Cararama Volvo C30

You might consider this odd, as the title of the blog says One Twenty Four, but I also review small (bigger) scales too. And so here is Cararama's 1/43 Volvo C30. Bought it from Tesco quite a while back for around RM5. Which translates to -> Cheap. Be ready to get surprised at this little beauty.The side profile. Everything looks in place. Nothing seems to be out of order. Yet.
Look at the wheels closely. Not even my RM60 GT-R has disc brakes !! This is what I call attention to detail. Cararama has managed to fit disc brakes on a 1/43 dirt cheap diecast.
Looks at the detailing on the front. Even the small Volvo badge is well made.
The exhaust is a slight disappointment, but for this kind of price, I'm not complaining.
Look at the interior. You can actually see the red carpet. Pity its plastic, not the soft material found in AutoArt or Kyosho cars. =p
Overall, I can't say I'm not pleased with it. For a mere RM5, I'm getting details from far more expensive models. Pity I can't find them already. I'd give this a 9/10.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

1/24 Nissan GT-R R35

Finally I managed to get this baby from a toy shop in KL. I was really ecstatic when I found it, as I was hunting high and low for this one. Although I'm not much of a fan of JDMs, I do enjoy a nice one every now and then. This one is no different. The paintjob is almost flawless. The detailing is as close as perfect. Although I don't quite like the rear light being painted on. And the silver rims. But the worst part? Prices has rose by RM10. I'd give the GT-R a solid 8.5/10.
Side profile. Beautiful.
Front Part. Nothing much to shout at, but at least that there is a GT-R wording there.
Rear end. Also nothing much to shout about.

Interior Shots. Quite close to excellent for a 1/24 model.
Engine details are Maisto's signature semi-3D engine.
Front View. Very well done.
Rear End. Pity those lights are painted on.
Overall Shots. Easily one of the best angles.

Outdoor Shots.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

1/24 Maisto Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

Got this baby before I left for my studies. Got it from Parkson and it was on a 20% off discount. Details are so so. Wheels are a tad bit too small, and the engine details are rather sparse. Not to mention that the paintjob is a bit rough. The side indicator is also not perfect. The dimensions are good. I do like the headlight. All in all, it's all about the subject.

Side profile. Notice how the car's butt seems to be a bit heavier. Hmm.

Front Side. The indicator light is not perfect and requires some touch up job.
back Side. Nothing much to shout about.
Front View. Easily one of the best angles.
Back View. Also not too bad.
Interior Shot. Also rather sparse.
Overall shots.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

1/24 Motor Max New Audi TT

One of my favorite sport cars is Audi TT, either the previous model or the latest one, because it has a unique body style which is like a combination of sporty and elegant look. The first time I saw the previous model, I stood in awe of it. In my opinion, it’s like a futuristic car. For instance as we look at the interior design, it’s like a spaceship. Compared to the latest model, the old one looks a bit fatty and round.

New Audi TT

I can’t deny the fact that the latest Audi TT looks hotter than the previous model. Of course comparison between the older and the newer model has a significant flaw as we’re trying to compare two things in different timeline. Thus, I want to make it clear that both the older and the newer Audi TT are amazing cars.

Motor Max's Audi TT with Fujimi's BBS LM

I got this 1:24 replica, fairly priced at AUD 20, from eBay UK three months ago. When it came to my hands, I was saddened that the left side mirror was broken. As I claimed it to the seller, I got AUD 4 refunded ^^ So I got it pretty cheap for this car. Then I fixed the mirror with superglue to get it sit firmly. The standard wheels are OKAY but as I have spare Fujimi BBS LM 18 inch wheels, I replaced the original ones with Fujimi’s.

Pefect color for Audi TT, thanks to Motor Max!

No details on the back light, just red plastic cover

No side windows as usual 1/24 diecast

Engine hood is easily 'openable'

Engine detail is superb among 1/24 diecasts

Its interior quality is equivalent to Maisto's R8

I strongly recommend to get youself this Audi TT, expecially for those who is a fan of Audi.
Thanks for looking.

Written by Christopher