Wednesday, August 5, 2009

1/24 Jada Veilside 350Z

Jada's Veilside 350Z

And now is the time for me to give my first review on Jada's product, the 350Z Veilside. Oh.. Come on, I belive it's not only me getting crazy over Z33 after watching Tokyo Drift, right?! LOL. It certainly becomes one of my favourite car back then when Tokyo Drift fever struck me. It's been years for me forgeting my day dreaming addiction toward this car. But recently, this unique 'virus' hit me back, even more. After sitting in front of my computer for hours browsing on ebay to look for this car, I rather got nothing as the price just ridiculously unjustifiable. Funnily, until like 2 days ago, when I went to BigW Department Stores accompanying my mom shopping some household stuffs, my instinct brought my attention to the toy section, and there I eventually found a black car figure wrapped inside Jada packaging box staring at me. And there was the Fairlady dressed in Veilside 'gown' caught my attention. I took this thing off from the shelf quickly after I noticed the attractive price tag on the box and quickly run to the cashier to sedate my breathtaking joy. The feelling just indescribeable. The car is still untouched from any modification at the time I took the photo shot of it. I got a bunch of plans to improve the details and customise it in the future. So here are the pictures at the moment..

A bit dissapointed with Jada's choice of wheel, the one im after is the veilside Andrew Evolution

The front bumper is a bit too high.. hm.. would be nice if carbon lips are added.

Like a gundam face?

Huge wing. The best part of the body kit.

Interior is a bit stuffed up I think.

The paint quality is top notch!

Engine bay. I hate the chromes =(

The ICE is not my taste.

Not bad for my first Jada brand car. Rate?? 8.5/10


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

1/24 Cararama VW Golf GTI MK V

Wild looking 'Red Devil' Golf GTI

In contrast to my poor 328i convertible, this Golf GTI from Cararama is just too good to be true in term of its price & quality. This one costs me less than the 328ci yet featuring decent detail & quality. The glossy paint is so smooth without showing off observable orange peel. The wheels you'll see in the pictures below are not the ones came from the box. The original wheel is just fine, but the car's stance is too high I suppose. As it's quite troublesome to reduce the height of the car without damaging the original chasis, I decide to replace them with Fujimi's BBS 17 inch two tone color version (some say 'time attack' version). The car turns out hotter, doesnt it? At least it does before my eyes. Here some pics for you to enjoy..

The height is just perfect now.

The widebody is so natural. Perfect emblem. Nice exhaust tips too.

Panel line is added.

Beautiful 'eyes' & 'mustache' - if you know what I mean ^^

The best engine room Ive ever seen in 1/24 car so far.

And just for fun!

Thus,I give 9.5/10.. what you think? Anyone like to second it?


1/24 Sunnyside BMW 328i Convertible

Got this baby from US ebay for about AUD 25 about a month ago and it seems that this replica of the 'topless' 3 series BMW is not a fancy diecast which usually comes with a nice set of wheels and decent details. Soon, I replace the original wheels with Fujimi's 17 " BBS RG346 and lower the suspension. Here come the pictures.

With a model

The grill is so lousy as well as the no plate & headlamp. One word, awful!

Look at the headrest! So ridiculous.

Well, not bad for interior.. The beige color cherishes it up.

The car looks so much better on these wheels.

Wanna jump in?

Well, it's the worst quality diecast I've ever had so far. But I dun really care actually because I'm collecting BMW 3 series. I know there are plenty of rooms that needs improvement & detailing for this car. So if my spare time allows, I'm gonna put more details on this poor bimmer. Rate? 6/10.