Monday, October 5, 2009

1/24 Motor Max Aston Martin DB9

Been hunting for this for a while also. Got it for Rm50, which was Maisto's old price. Not too bad, I suppose, for that level of pricing.
Side view. Looks menacing~
Front view. Love the grille and headlights combo.
Rear shot. The lights still looks good.
Front and rear wheel shots. Wheels are well detailed, but no disc brake detailing. :/
Engine detailing is better than what Maisto offers. Love that V12~
Interior has some woodgrain-like finishing, not bad at all.
My favorite angle.

Overall, I'd give this car a 8/10. Niggles like ride height (a lil too high), no disc brakes are forgiven. AFAIK, no other makers does a 1/24 Aston Martin..

Saturday, October 3, 2009

1/24 Maisto Ford Mustang GT 2006

I've been hunting for this model for quite a while already, and when my friend found it for me, I was really ecstatic.
Here's the front view. Looks quite good with the lowered body..
Also looks good from here. Studs/stems are not too obvious.

Rear view. Exhaust unpainted, but the rest looks fine.
Side view. Door gaps are a wee bit too large, but then it's no big deal.
Wheels are pretty well done, but pity there are no brake details. Even the Ford logo can be seen clearly.
Interior detailing is so-so. Nothing to shout about. Love the silver accents.
Here's the Mustang's V8. I respect Maisto for the smallest decal in the engine bay, Well done.

Overall, I'd give the Mustang a 7/10 rating. I do suspect that the Revell (plastic) have better details.