Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1/24 Jada Nissan GT-R R35

I recently got myself a replica of Japanese beast of GT-R R35 in red hot color. Unlike Eric's Maisto R35, this car is made by Jada which is slightly bigger than any 1/24 car. I must admit that Jada's one is more superior than Maisto's in both quality and detail. No wonder that Jada's R35 is much more expensive than Maisto's one. Unfortunately, I don't have the Maisto's R35 thus I cannot make head-to-head comparison of both cars. However, you may refer to the earlier post of Eric's R35 to give you a picture of Maisto's R35.

The red body paint is awesome. The picture just somehow doesn't do the car justice.

The emblem is nicely done. A bit of paint chips on the lips but would be easily fixed with airbrush touch up.

Paint chips spotted, again! The trunk is 'openable' by the way.

Thanks God! Rearlight is made by plastic. Better than Maisto's red painted backlight.
Nice exhaust tips as well.

Perfect wheels I supposed. Look at that brake hiding behind the wheels, lovely.
Maisto's R35 doesn't have any brake behind its steerable wheels.
The GT-R emblem really gives more details to its exterior.

Opening engine hood, doors, and trunk.

The engine is nicely detailed. Thanks jada for forgetting the chrome here.

Interior is not bad for 1/24 quality. Again, thanks Jada for not throwing any ridiculous ICE there.

Overall, it is a decent 1/24 diecast you can get from Jada and a must have diecast car for GTR's fans. In my honest opinion, it's one of the best Jada cars.

I love this car so much. My rate is 9/10 for it.

Thanks for looking.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

1/24 Welly BMW 330i E90

Here is another lovely BMW that I got recently in unexpected and miraculous way. Well, it's a long story that I cannot tell everything here right now. Frankly, I'm almost getting crazy with my uni assignment at the moment. So I kinda steal a 'piece' of my 'pizza' time tonight to write a review here in order to loosen up my stress and tense from the assignment thing. For short, I got it so gratefully cheap from one of 2 dollar shop selling China made stuffs and thanks to my dad who found this one of my most wanted cars. Yeah.. BMW car diecast, particularly in 1:24 scale, will always be on my most wanted cars list.

So here is the 1:24 replica of luxury saloon BMW 3 series, 330i, in E90 form which made by Welly.

Silver painted body with gray interior shows matching color combination.

Look at those headlamps. They are so well made replicating HID projector look.

Only front doors are 'openable'. No disc brake hiding behind the wheels.

The tail looks simple and clean. Nice exhaust tips too.

I like this engine room, it looks so much better than any of Jada with chrome spotted all over the place.

the interior is poorly represented here. Lack of detail.

Love to see both together.

If I could choose, I would have this car in black anytime. Unfortunately, this car had been left alone abondoned on the shelf when I met it. But still, I love the silver too.

Hence, I cannot objectively rate this car as I have already fell in love with it.
It's just almost perfect for 1:24!

So I leave it for you to leave the rating.

Thanks for looking.