Friday, January 22, 2010

1/18 Joy Ride RC2 ERTL Honda S2000 (The Fast & The Furious)

Hi all. If you carefully notice my old postings, then this gonna be my first time posting 1/18 street car. I do always try to exclusively collect 1/24 cars only because IMO its size is just perfect. Not too big to store and not too small for detail.

I love HONDA, in fact I drive one. I'm sure I can't be called its fans if I'm not fond of its convertible, S2000. The car is just lovable from every angle. It's even more adorable with its Veilside body kits. Well, as a '1/24 perfectionist', I've been searching for Veilside's S2000 and apparently I have no luck at all. It seems it hasn't been made in 1/24. The only way to go is by getting my hand on this 1/18 S2000 TFTF version made by ERTL, & labeled as Joy Ride.

Now, let's see how it looks like.

The front bumper was made accurately. Isn't it beautiful?!

It comes with detachable soft top.

The engine room is just the average of 1/18s.

NOS powered, as it's a drag car I guess.

Beautifully detailed interior.

I think it stands a lit bit too high than it supposed to be.

I'm happy to rate it 8/10.

Thanks for looking.