Sunday, February 20, 2011

1/24 Maisto Nissan GT-R R35 Custom

Sorry for the lack of updates, been very busy lately. Here's a custom job

This is how it looks like, before customization

And this is after.

Now even the boot opens
Overall, I feel this makes the car look much better. Click on the pic to view in a higher resolution ;)

Friday, January 22, 2010

1/18 Joy Ride RC2 ERTL Honda S2000 (The Fast & The Furious)

Hi all. If you carefully notice my old postings, then this gonna be my first time posting 1/18 street car. I do always try to exclusively collect 1/24 cars only because IMO its size is just perfect. Not too big to store and not too small for detail.

I love HONDA, in fact I drive one. I'm sure I can't be called its fans if I'm not fond of its convertible, S2000. The car is just lovable from every angle. It's even more adorable with its Veilside body kits. Well, as a '1/24 perfectionist', I've been searching for Veilside's S2000 and apparently I have no luck at all. It seems it hasn't been made in 1/24. The only way to go is by getting my hand on this 1/18 S2000 TFTF version made by ERTL, & labeled as Joy Ride.

Now, let's see how it looks like.

The front bumper was made accurately. Isn't it beautiful?!

It comes with detachable soft top.

The engine room is just the average of 1/18s.

NOS powered, as it's a drag car I guess.

Beautifully detailed interior.

I think it stands a lit bit too high than it supposed to be.

I'm happy to rate it 8/10.

Thanks for looking.


Friday, December 18, 2009

1/24 Jada 2010 Ford Mustang GT

Finally got this baby at long last. Saw this one on eBay some time back, but shipping here would cost a bomb. Went to Summit today. And by luck this was there, and there was a discount that came with it. I was kinda indecisive between this color and the black. Decided that the red/maroon would look better.

Love the new 2010 'stangs' front end. The newly redesigned headlights is beautiful. On the Jada, it is very well replicated.Another view of the front. Side signal in place, not messy.
Front and rear wheels. ==" The wheels are HUGE. And very deep. I only wished that this was the stock wheels, as Jada did on the GT-R and the Camaro.
Side view. Those monster wheels are, somehow, growing on me~
Three quarter rear end view. look at how wide the wheels are.
Rear view. Love the lights here. Pity there's some minor paint chips on the matt black part.
Interior shot. Decent. Love it.
Engine shot. Strut bar was not on the 2005 model though. Love that inclusion.

Wow, even the boot opens ! Nice touch~

I'd give this a 8/10. Safe for the rims, which could score a 9/10 from me. But what the heck, this looks really good. loving it every second.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

1/18 Hotwheels Batmobile Tumbler

Being a fan of Batman will not feel complete if this replica of Tumbler is absent from the collection. As it is my case, I was waiting for this car to be made in 1/24 but it's obvious that none of diecast manufacture is dare enough to put the 1/24 one into production. Luckily, Hotwheels's 1/18 Tumbler is so undersized and it's somewhere around 1:22.5 scale so I picked the Hotwheels one to fill up my Batman's collection =D

So here are the pics

Finished on semi gloss black color, very batmobilish.

The front wheels are oversized, no doubt.

Nice rubber wheels, great exhaust too.


The canopy door can be half opened with a bit of effort =D

Considering its price, scale, and details, my rate for this car would be 9/10, well done Hotwheels!

Thanks for dropping by!


Friday, December 11, 2009

1/24 Maisto Ferrari Enzo

Got this exotic Ferrari car as birthday present from my close friend. I must say that this car really hypnotizes me to adore it. It's a-must-have 1/24 car for Ferrari fans I reckon.

Black window frame & lining was DIY.

And for fun, I changed the rims with SSR Professor VF-1 from Aoshima.

Rate for this car would be 8.5/10

Thanks for looking.


1/24 Jada 2006 Mustang GT Battle Machine

Shipped it from US down to Melbourne for about AUD 35. I was curious about this Jada's Battle Machine line so I was so eager to get it. I thought I would get a nice replica of Death Race's Mustang, in fact, this model is really like a toy with those ridiculous rocket launchers. But still, it's a must-have-Mustang-diecast for Mustang lover.

Nice dirt effect on well painted matt body color

So wild looking from the side

Watch out the rockets. Look, nice emblem there.

Again! Rockets spotted! Argghh..

The interior. A bit plain & boring.

It's just so tidy for a 'death car wannabe' car LOL

A not bad diecast by Jada.

I would rate 7/10

Thanks for looking.


Friday, November 20, 2009

1/18 Autoart Honda S2000

Here's an Autoart Honda S2000. Scale is 1:18
Nice front.

Honda logo is a photoetched part.
Nice side profile. The S2000 wording beside the indicator is also a PE part.
3rd quarter rear end. The exhaust are separate metal parts. And so is the Honda logo, again PE parts.
Rear lights have excellent detailing.
Cool red interior.
Boot opens.
Well replicated F20C I4 engine.
Damn its smiling at me!
Decent underbody details.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

1/18 Autoart Honda Intergra Type R DC5

Here's the Honda Integra Type R from Autoart. This is a 1/18 scale model.
Details are sharp on this model.
Front end looks very good.
Very realistic rear end. The light clusters are also very well reproduced.
Very well detailed engine bay.
Realistic wheels. Disc brake spins independent from callipers.

This AutoArt gets a 8.5/10 rating from me. Sure, there are small imperfections, but as a overall package, this Honda is near perfection.